Sunday, April 18, 2010

Smtkk vs Mrsm lenggong

On the 15th of april Smtkk had matck against lenggong. I was exited and kinda scared too. We start or journey at sharp 4.00p.m and we reached there around 4.45. We straight went for our prayers and get ready for the game. In the first half we scored once. But when the second half start everything change. Lenggong fight back and we were behind 5 points, or most of our star is injured. Then Sir Fauzi ask me to play, i still remember his words "Kerja kau tackle and rucking je" ok i did what i had to did, that is tackling and rucking. Time is flying we are still 5 points behind. I was in pain but that the meaning of rugby!! Suddenly Muaz had the ball and ramp through and were near the goal. Then a miracle happen to me, the ball roll right infront of me. Without looking left or right i took the ball and ran to the goal. I scored for the first time!!! I was really proud and ill never forget this moment for the rest of my life! I LOVE RUGBY!!!!

Monday, April 5, 2010


Kita semua gi lawatan kat university ipoh. kita tgok senior kita masak haha syok gila kot : D tp harap2 sempat balik petang coz nk main rugby hahaha. Last saturday kita ada tournament rugby kat shah alam. team kita memang gempak ar. eventhough x dpt main tp best tgk senior main : D dpt medal kot haha. Syok oh gerak dari sini kul 3 pagi smpai sana kul 8 lebih kot. then balik kul 6 smetng n smpai kul 12 hehe. kite plan nak fly gi CC tp pak guard lak x bg! Esk pagi bru kita fly. haha best gila kot. ok thats all for today. Cpat lah aku nk balik skola ni. Nanti sir marah -.- bubye : D