Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Malaysian Tiger

Well many of you dont know the history of MALAYSIAN TIGER. Well it all started when i was form 2.. I was minding my own business then vrishnan came and said to me "nak masuk team kite tak?" and i said ok. many of you think im the striker, but actually i started to be a goalkeeper and the team name was called PINK PUSSY haha. it was stupid i know but our team was the best team in country homes. Then anwar ask me to be the striker because i suck at goalkeeper haha then i start to score as much goal as i can. One day they was a school tournament and we compete.. So we start finding a new name for our team. We tried ADP6, harimau malaysia. then syafiq said "ape kate malaysian tiger" then we all agreed. we won the tournament by beating the form 4 a.k.a GEGAR FC.

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