Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sejarah Telah Tercipta

Sir Fauzi

It all started with this man up here. His name is Sir Fauzi and with his knowledge is rugby, we won a lot of games. The story starts like this. Dah berapa bnyk kali rhyno mencipta sejarah paada tahun 2010!! Salah satunye friendly kat MRSM lengong! dats my 1st time where i score my firts touched! Secondly tournament daerah lawan ngn Cliford n Mckk!! n for the first time for how many years we won against Clifford and it was a tough fight! Sir Fauzi was so frustrated n was realy angry. But luck was by our side coz at the last minute our hero scored our most important goal ever!! The hero name was Amir!! Sir fauzi was happy until he n encik kholdi hugged each othr! But two days after we got to meet our greatest rival ever that is MCKK! Sir Fauzi said i have to play! But i was scared, luckily Khali a.k.a "Tengku" said tackle solid n jgn takut!! Ok i played my heart out!! n i like it when i tackle all the looser!! But sadly we draw and the good news is we made history there coz for 20 years we never scored more than 5! A couple week after that Kejohanan Antara Teknik Began, all rugby, softball, netball, football, debate all tried our best! Let me tell the rugby story!! As we just arrived we start our first game against SMT Manjong and we won 35-0 then we went back to our hostel at Raja Chulan. That night Sir went back to kuala kangsar to get our prize for the daerah tournament. At that night we rest our ass off. Then sir arived with FOOD haha... the next morning we played our guts out in the burning sun and in the heavy rain but all our hard work paid off coz we were qualified into the final against Taiping yg cheroi n kurang ajar tu. We hammered them 30 someting-0 and when the final whistle blows me, jb and sir fauzi atacked Sir Kholdi into the mud we were so happy until we tackle everyone! But before we went back we did the haka and all the taiping player were so mad "who cares" hahaha! Then on monday sir announced the winer and i was so shy haha but proud too! on wednesday we went swimming at kuala kangsar! i like it when we kicked jb ass and pull sir kholdi chest hair haha! Oh ya before i said goodbye Rhyno's are going to johor and perlis for our other tournament!! YAHOOO



Day 2

After A Game

In The Dorm

The Winners

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