Friday, September 3, 2010

I've Changed

The Guy Who Mess Things Up

Since we lost against negeri sembilan in the rugby peringkat kebangsaan, i've told my self i want to change and train even harder and win the KEBANGSAAN Championship!! I know im the reason we lost against them. I'll prove to them what im capable of!! Now me and my partner are the weapon for next year team. I will not let sir fauzi down! Every day il play my heart out when it comes to training. Even though i make mistakes asd il get punished for that, but i dont care. I will still stick with the team, coz we are the pack who will make history next year and make sir fauzi smile again!! I've notice i have change alot this year. One of them is i fast the whole month. (that's an improvement ok!) haha.

Ill be ur Weapon Sir

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